It’s all about local.

Our roots run very deep here in the great Northwest and we are proud of that.

With the purchase in 2014 of the Twin Cities ice cream franchise we took on the challenge of carrying on a local 40 year tradition. Like so many locals we were customers of the place and did not want to see it close. Our employees and customers responded so positively to the improvements we made that within a short time our little ice cream shop was doing as well as shops in Seattle and Portland. However, as pleased as we were with our success, we wanted to represent what we loved about our local community and the Pacific Northwest. As a franchise, our direction and our products came from the East Coast and Midwest. We dreamed of providing local products, local coffee, and local ice cream.

Our dream became realized on July the 1st, 2019 as we opened Nea’s Ice Cream for the first time. 

Now all our premium ice cream comes from the Pacific Northwest. Our espresso is made from coffee which is roasted specifically for Nea’s. Our bakery treats are locally made by artisans in Olympia, WA. We are proud to call Washington our home.  It is important to us that we feature products from businesses who also call the Northwest home, and we know that is important to you, our customers.

As a family owned business, we value our employees. We recognize that our team of employees are the face of Nea’s. We are careful to find the right team members who share our customer service philosophy. We believe our success has three components: happy employees, high quality products, and great customer service.

We are so happy to continue serving the Twin Cities, Lewis County, and the Pacific Northwest, the finest ice cream, shakes, and cakes from our shop, and we look forward to the next 40 years.